Storytelling meets Social Change

I Am Pakistan is an interactive storytelling experience promoting volunteerism in Pakistan. The goal is to create awareness about existing volunteering initiatives and inspire others to volunteer.

This project was awarded the Semifinalist prize in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014 in the Web and Application Design category.

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A special thank you to the talented Fazz Kazi for generously granting me permission to use his photographs and video; to Ali Mohsin Shaheed Gardezi and Imran Server for their photographs and text that proved invaluable; and to the organizations, Rabtt, Akhuwat, Green Volunteers and Volunteer Karachi, for giving me valuable input and an insight into their operations.

Thank you to my wonderful academic advisers, Chris Jackson, Adam Smith and Raj S. Murthy for their constant support and motivation.
MFA Thesis Project
Visual Communication Design,
Rochester Institute of Technology

After Effects

Footage by
Fazz Kazi
Ali Mohsin Shaheed Gardezi
Rameez Mumtaz
Salman Ahmad

Contributions by
Imran Server
Aneeq Cheema
Rameez Mumtaz
Madeeha Ansari

Featured Organizations
Green Volunteers