Article on Generation X Shehzil Malik

Article about the GenerationXShehzil Malik fashion collaboration
By Maliha Rehman
DAWN newspaper
October 2017

Step Outside! Ft. Shehzil Malik

Blog on the process behind my feminist fashion line created in collaboration with the Pakistani clothing retailer, Generation
October 2017

Interview for The Desk by Van Schneider

Interview for “Design Around the World” series
by Tobias van Schneider
June 2017

Interview for Paper magazine

By Yasmine Rukia
PAPER Magazine
March 2017

Artist Collaboration with Ethletic

An artist collaboration between Lahore and Berlin to create a line of limited edition sneakers by the fair-trade label Ethletic
By Annika Langhagel
March 2017

Interview for Iggy Magazine

By Patrick Kaya
IGGY Magazine
Dec 2016

Interview for The News

By Sadaf Pervez
The News on Sunday
Dec 2016

Article in on #WomenInPublicSpaces

By Rhema Mukti Baxter

Interview for Live Mint

By Preeti Zachariah
Live Mint
Oct 2016

Interview for the Public Radio International series, "Across Women's Lives"

By Andrea Crossan
Across Women’s Lives, PRI’s The World
Oct 2016

Article in Forbes about the Wall of Tolerance project

By Sonya Rehman
April 2016

Interview for The Desi Design blog

By Najwat Rehman
The Desi Design