Insight Pact is a company born to connect social impact actors with high value short-term projects.

The Challenge

I was asked to create the branding and web design for Insight Pact, keeping in mind their core principles of humanising data, being dynamic and people-centered. This assignment became about visually depicting the strategic thinking that goes into putting a team together, the company’s vision to use data to the advantage of social impact projects and the friendly energy the young team brings to the industry.


Art Direction & Design
Shehzil Malik

Hermes Huang @Insight Pact

The experiments done for branding involved concepts like using “sight” as a keyword to find ways that light and colour could be used to create different combinations and abstract forms- showing the idea of ambiguity and creativity that goes into projects when different teams come together to work on a common goal.

The final direction chosen takes the idea of how people and technology can bridge the gap between 2 separate actors and forge connections to create something new. The icons are indicative of this coming together and the unlimited combinations that these same actors can create in different circumstances. It is meant to be a representation of the company bend towards data and human connections.

Check what they’re up to at the website here.