Kitsch for a Cause

Uth Oye! (translated to mean  “Get Up!”) was a social enterprise: a clothing brand that helped Pakistan. The driving force behind the company was to create eccentric designs (specializing in t-shirts and then branching off into other forms of apparel and stationary) and donating a percentage of their profits to fund sustainable projects around the country.

I joined Uth Oye! as an art director and was able to design everything from the designs for their fastest-selling line of t-shirts, to installations for their flagship store to all kinds of web and print-based branding. The success that Uth Oye! achieved made me realise the power of aspirational imagery, humour and good design to further a social cause and market it to a wide audience for support.


Creative Direction
Babar Rashid Khan

The Merchandise

The Flagship Store