Rethinking Recipes

To foster brand equity for Kisan Cooking Oil, our team at OgilvyOne decided to create a branded digital solution for Pakistani housewives to find daily inspiration on what to cook everyday. An innovative search feature allows users to search for recipes through core ingredients and moods, linking the brand’s big idea, “Love is Homemade” into a digital asset.

The Challenge

To leverage Kisan Cooking Oil’s big idea “Love is Homemade: into a digital platform that offers a solution to the oft-asked question: What can I feed my family today?

Kisan Cooking Oil is all about the emotion surrounding food that brings families closer together. The link between relationships and food is well-established with Pakistani housewives understanding the power of their home-cooked meals to entice their husbands or impress guests.

Could we use the intrinsic emotions attached to cooking as the key to finding the perfect recipe? This question led to designing a website that uses a search feature that combines a core ingredient with a mood in order to shortlist recipes.

Housewives are then able to save the search results alongside value-added content to their personal collection, making the platform a useful tool for their daily inspiration.

After Effects

Ogilvy & Mather

Art Direction & Design
Shehzil Malik

Tamkeen Nadeem

Kisan Cooking Oil

For more process work, see the use-case the taxonomy maps here, the low-fidelity annotated wireframes here, and the typography guide here.

Feature 1: Searching

High-fidelity Wireframes

Feature 2: Collecting Recipes

High-fidelity Wireframes

High-fidelity Wireframes

Feature 3: Fully Responsive