Made of Pakistan is a platform (spearheaded by Pakistani clothing retailer Leisure Club) that hopes to educate, inspire and bring awareness to all that is good in Pakistan by featuring on-going projects that create social impact in Pakistan, as well as market a product line made through collaborations with Pakistani artists and designers.

I was asked to design its identity and also its first line of merchandise.


Leisure Club

Art Direction & Design
Shehzil Malik

Elements of Pakistani visual language

Initial logo concepts

The direction chosen: the map of Pakistan (collective identity) + personal identity
Also interesting to note was how the shape of Pakistan was heavily debated on at the last step and changed to include the disputed area of Kashmir… logo-making can get political too!

Final Logo
The logo mark can be used in a variety of configurations if need be

Color Palette

Branding Patterns
Iconography using Pakistan’s national monuments, sports, flora and animals

Branded Collateral


The brand was launched on Pakistan’s Independence Day (14th August) and merchandise was distributed to influencers in these branded boxes.