COVID-19 Resources

Here I've collected relief efforts in Pakistan that need your donations, as well as how we can help through DIY (juggar) for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for those at the frontlines- healthcare professionals, store owners, policemen, volunteers.
Thank you to them and stay safe everyone!


A list of verified initiatives across Pakistan that you should donate to- it includes their banking details and ways to contact them. DONATE AND SHARE WIDELY!


How to make a mask (with kitchen towel/t-shirt) and face shield

"In a bid to help the public fighting the virus and alleviating anxiety in searching for surgical masks, lab tests were conducted on the efficacy of surgical mask after washing and sterilizing. Scientific analysis of safety and effectiveness was also conducted on do-it-yourself (DIY) face masks which could provide an alternative for the public to alleviate the acute shortage of face masks."

DIY Face Mask and Shield

How to make a mask (with kitchen towel/t-shirt- even simpler)

"Because N95 respirators and other types of surgical face masks or mouth masks have become difficult to come by, many people find themselves in a situation where they need to make their own. Even if you do have access to face masks or an N95 respirator mask in your area, you may want to consider DIYing your own, anyway. This will help to ensure that others who truly need those face masks (like those working in the medical field) can continue to get the protection they need."

DIY Face Mask

How to sew a mask with fabric

"Fabric masks do not protect from COVID-19. These masks are last resort options intended for use by healthcare professionals who understand the role they may play in their healthcare situation and have specifically requested them."

DIY Fabric Face Mask

Stanford Study Addressing COVID-19 Face Mask Shortages

"The global shortage of PPE in the setting of a viral pandemichas created potentially dangerous conditions for frontline healthcare workers lacking appropriate protectionand their patients. What are good waysto address the shortage of face masksby anesthesiologists?"

Read the Report

CDC Guidelines for use of Face Masks

Document on how to approach and strategize for using surgical masks in times of crisis.

CDC Guidelines on Masks

Instructions on how to 3D print face shields

"Cornell AAP and Sabin Lab are collaborating with Cornell Engineering, Cornell CIS and many others across the community to 3D print and laser cut visors and protective face shields for our doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals on the front lines."

3D Print Face shield

CDC Guidelines for Isolation Gowns

Document on how to approach and strategize for using isolation gowns in times of crisis.

CDC Guidelines on Gowns

CDC Guidelines for Eye Protection

Document on how to approach and strategize for using eye protection equipment in times of crisis.

CDC Guidelines on Eye Protection

Coloring sheets for kids

At the link you can find A4 sized artwork you can download, print and use as coloring pages for your kids. Enjoy!